Best Tips for Small Businesses: What is Social Media Trends

How do you learn about your last purchase online and buy it? Chances are you will find it on social media then buy it on the same platform. This experience, which we all know too know, is called social begins. So what is social trading and how different from your regular social media management process?

Social trade is direct product sales on social media. The whole process of shopping – from product discovery to the checkout process – takes place on the social media platform.

For buyers, Commerce Social offers convenience. They can buy what interests them as they go about ordinary search habits. For businesses, sales on social networks play impulses. This results in instant sales.

The definition of social trade in investopedia is “creation and posting messages and interactive features that promote online sales and other e-commerce initiatives”.

Business engaged in social trading usually offers personalized buyer options; Use videos to show off products used and from several angles; and offers promotions and gifts to choose customers who share products purchased on their feeds.

A recent study showed that 52% of social buyers were making purchases through social media platforms, while 35% of their non-engaged colleagues were purchased through social trading.

With more people who join social networks, it cannot be denied that social trade will forever change the way the business sells and buys customers. As a Venture technology of William “Bing Capitalist” Gordon once said:

Social Media trade vs e-commerce

E-commerce refers to product sales through websites or applications, while social trade is related to product sales in social media experience. Social trade is e-commerce and more. This involves all sales cycles: prospects, value propositions, closing agreements, and shipping after-sales services.

Social sales are about building connections with prospects, interacting and involving with them to understand their pain points, regardless of directly offering solutions provided by your product.

As’ the awakening of social sales authorities, Jim Keenan placed it, “Selling through social channels (social sales) is the closest thing to be flies on the walls of your customers, prospects and the world of competitors.”

Take this signal, you can consider e-commerce as a shop and social trade as a store, plus relationship development. If you want to reach your prospects and customers at a deeper level, social trade will be worth your time.

Why go for social media trading?

Social trade, just like other marketing strategies, requires monetary time and investment. It also requires adept communication skills and technical knowledge. If done correctly, the hard work of digital marketing and social trade you will pay off!

Social trade offers benefits for your business such as:

Get access to an almost unlimited prospect pool.

There are around 3.78 billion active social media users today. This is almost half of the global population. Every user is a potential customer for your business.

Increase your search rankings on Google and other search engines.
By actively promoting on social networks, you reach a large audience that might make a purchase right on the spot or check your website for more information. Traffic generated from your social media account will help increase your search ranking.

Creating a deep connection with your prospects and customers.

Gone is the days when businesses only convey their promotions and let customers call a 1-800 hotline for their questions and complaints. With social trading, people expect businesses available 24/7 for customer support.
Satisfy your customers and turn them into brand ambassadors.

“Word of Mouth” has changed digitally. But unlike hearing the recommended products of others, social trading has allowed Rave products and harsh words to spread like fire. Exceeded expectations, and turn your customers to the brand ambassador.

Social media marketing has become an indispensable aspect of the framework of an effective digital marketing strategy – more due to the emergence of social trade. This is not only because your competitors are in social trading. It’s also because your customers are on social sites. Be on their place.

Best social media practices for 2021

A sophisticated social media marketing tool will not be enough to rise above the competition. Make your current tools and techniques and explore the practice of social trading shown by other businesses.

  • Automatic response through messenger chatbots
  • Comfortable selling in Facebook stores
  • Product promotion that can be shared on Instagram shopping
  • Brand awareness through the launch of Instagram products
  • High quality marketing content through Pinterest shopping

1. Automatic response through messenger chatbots

Messenger, for example, allows businesses to personalize and automate the chatbot response; So your customers can be easily assisted. You can prepare a set of FAQs and appropriate answers such as the price of a product, size available, and payment options available.

Cosmetics Brand Avon goes beyond answering general questions. It uses special plugins and camera filters to allow customers to test the shade of lipstick before buying it.

Choose a social network for your social trade campaign. Then explore the features available for business.

2. Selling comfortable through Facebook stores

The largest social network leads the social trade race. Do you know that around 18% of social media users actively complete purchases on Facebook? If you still decide which platform will be sold, Facebook must be a major consideration.

Facebook store is your online storefront on the site. Because it also has Instagram, your posts can be displayed on both platforms. Facebook stores are also associated with Messenger, Instagram Direct, and WhatsApp, allowing you to connect with customers in the message application.

With a Facebook store, you can mark your product directly at Facebook post. Customers can only direct the icons and buttons to see products and other information. If they like what they see, your customers can make purchases there. They may also “like”, “Share, comment, and store products that are interesting for them (and maybe buy later). This can help increase your brand’s range.

3. Promotion of products that can be shared in Instagram shopping

Shopping Instagram allows your customers to learn about your products and buy directly on the application or check their baskets on your e-commerce website.

To start, you need to set up Instagram stores which are your customized digital stores. Then install high-quality photos with complete product information on the product details page. These pages will also draw any photos marked products on Instagram.

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