Cut Your Tongue With Invisalign? Here’s How You Can Treat It

Invisalign aligner is the efficient to straighten the teeth discretely. There is nothing to worry about the mouth full of annoying metal braces. Although Invisalign is comfortable over conventional braces yet people cut their tongue often from it.

As tongue moves naturally while talking it cuts the tongue due to the edge of the plastic trays. As a result you will start experiencing Invisalign pain and this blog shares the tips on how you can deal it in the most efficient manner.

Why you cut your tongue with the Invisalign?

A number of factors are there to cut your tongue using Invisalign

Often the patients of Invisalign experience cuts on the tongue due to the plastic aligner. On receiving the new aligner set the tongue sides irritate during speaking. Sharp edges of the tray leads to Invisalign tongue pain and irritation. Mostly, abrasions and cuts subside in a week.

But if you deal with the tongue cuts consistently then numerous methods are there to follow for the treatment. Placement of orthodontic wax on the sharp edges is one of them. It will protect the mouth from the bruised of plastic aligner. Even you can try out smoothening out the tray’s edges as well.

However if you are not careful then it can cause inadvertent damage to the aligner. You can make use of the emery board while choosing this trick for smoothing out the sharp edges. But excessive force can warp the aligner tray so be careful about that.

In case aligner is bothering you continuously for a few weeks even after trying out orthodontic wax then contact the provider. Only they can assess if there is anything wrong and replace the treatment right away.

Tips to treat Invisalign tongue pain

Tackling a tongue cut is really troublesome and irritating. Fortunately, numerous methods are there to deal with the issue. Over time when the tongue heals you can try out given methods for easing the discomfort.

Rinse the mouth using peroxide-based mouthwash or saltwater

Mouth rinse using salt water is the easiest and fastest way for treating the tongue sores. Thankfully, you can try out this method from the comfort of your home. Apart from inhibiting the dental bacteria, its healing properties boost the healthy gums encouraging the recovery from mouth ulcers and lacerations.

Salt water is easy to prepare. Just take a cup of warm water and add ½ teaspoon salt to it. You have to stir it until the salt dissolves completely and it is ready to swish your mouth with.

Alongside salt water rinse, dentists often recommend peroxide-contained mouthwash for better efficacy. It is the oral debriding substance which can numb the pain by thorough washing and disinfecting the tongue cuts resulted from clear aligners.

Suck on the ice cubes for numbing the pain

Little ice therapy can provide instant pain relief from Invisalign sometimes. Ice acts great as the numbing agent distracting you from pain. It is efficient when you are on a rush and don’t have time to make saltwater to rinse.

You can use it if there is no peroxide mouthwash handy to you. As water consumption is fine during Invisalign treatment you can opt for it anytime within 22 hours of wear time.

Refrain from foods causing irritation to the mouth sores

General cuts are really acid sensitive! Therefore you should avoid the consumption of citrus fruits and spicy dishes when Invisalign causes bruises to the tongue. You can easily consume bland and soft foods such as yogurt and creamy soup while dealing with the mouth sores.

Remember any sort of hard foods such as potato chips, nuts and granola will trigger the pain at the bruised spot on the tongue. Cut the food into small pieces or mash or puree them perfectly to consume easily. Tongue bruised from Invisalign never warrants emergency dental care.

However you should rush to the dentist in no time if you experience associated symptoms of the infection like fever, draining pus and swelling at the site of wound. You may need to contact the general physician as well.

By following these tips you can treat the tongue pain from Invisalign. If the problem persists then you should contact the best Invisalign provider in London to treat your Invisalign tongue pain. At that you can continue enjoying the treatment in its comfortable efficient manner. 

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