Enjoying the festive events at Hoboken Santacon

The holiday bells have started to ring out loud as Christmas is just around the corners! We are not making a path for you to the Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Christmas, or any other holidays of the winter season. All we are trying to focus on is Hoboken Santacon!

The City of New York will witness a horde of Santas descending onto it, heading to the bars for consuming alcohol extensively every December at the Santacon parties. It is this time of the year where it would become chaos in the streets here.

It is the best time now when you checked out our guide that would create a pathway for you to have fun and enjoy most at the Santacon held this year during this holiday season!

Get a glimpse of Hoboken Santacon

The primary limelight to head out to Santacon, New Jersey, is by dressing up as Father Santa. Otherwise, you will simply be bar crawling, turning intoxicated. The event here will live up to its name as you are draping into your Santa suit.

Also, make sure to get into your jolly good wardrobe outside for a small amount of time before making a start to party out this big day. Make sure of layering in some additional clothes beneath your suit to get additional warmth and comfort.

Make sure you eat

The Boston Santacon is a matter of the whole day. Your day would mostly be spent by getting drunk in a tub of alcohol. It is why you should be making sure that you consume a proper amount of food prior to heading out for these parties here.

Prepare Yourself

Also, make sure that you are playing the part of Father Santa. You would never want a Santa to get stranded on the streets stumbling being drunk. Santa is all about having a merry time and showing a class of elegance.

Create space for your drinks accordingly, as you need to avoid heading out for the deeper ends where you would stumble on the road. After each drink, it is vital to stay hydrated. It is this way you can prevent hangovers and also have a great time.

Carry Your ID

Wearing a beard will not be fooling anyone. Ensure that you are getting the tickets to Santacon, as there are those who would not be serving you without a proper ID. Also, remember to carry one before you make a merry start at Santacon San Francisco.

You will be uninvited to several places

You will be restricted upon entry in many places due to the negative impact this event had in some places. The earlier history witnessed the naughty Santa who created a brawl out of nowhere. So, be prepared!

Be Prepared to Meet the Crowds

You will be encountering several Santas at the Santacon Washington D.C, so be prepared as there would be a whole queue of Santas in the bars. Ensure to be patient and polite while lining up the queue waiting on your order. The bartenders will surely make sure to serve you soon!

In the end, ensure that you would adore the city of New York, and this can be handled when you take care of how you make a move. As you enjoy this event, make sure you are not throwing the trash here and there out on the streets.

thesantacon has been around supplying fun, social, holiday drink environments since 2011, and each year we get bigger and better.

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