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Guide for Connecting HP Printer to Wi-Fi

Through this article, you will learn how to connect your hp printer to the local wifi network. We are presenting two guides of the hp wireless setup process. Follow the instructions carefully from the guide to complete the setup accurately.

The first guide is applicable for the printer with a touchscreen control panel. 

The second guide is applicable for printers without touchscreen panels.

Note:- follow the guide below if you have changed your wifi router device or changed the internet service provider or wifi network unavailable.

[1] HP printer setup via the wireless setup wizard for touchscreen control panel

  • Firstly make sure that the printer is placed within the range of the wifi network.
  • Now you are supposed to tap on the wireless icon of the printer control panel.
  • Next, touch on the setup option.
  • Now you need to continue by touching on restore network defaults or restore network settings.
  • Confirm your selection by touching on Yes.
  • Now your printer will recover all its network default settings. Next, you are supposed to touch on the back button.
  • Next, you are supposed to touch the Wireless icon or settings icon, or Network setup menu.
  • Now continue by touching on the wireless setup wizard option.
  • Your printer will search and provide a list of all accessible networks in its range.
  • To connect hp printer to wifi, you need to click on your wifi network name and then type your WiFi password to establish the connection.
  • If you are unable to connect your printer to wifi. Then touch on ‘Enter new network name’ and type your network name and wifi password.
  • When there is a successful connection between the printer and the wifi network then the blue wireless light on the printer control panel will become solid (stop blinking).

Note:- You need to ensure that you are typing the exact network name which includes any uppercase or lowercase characters.

[2] Wireless printer setup guide via WPS button for printers without touchscreen control panel

  • Firstly, check your wireless router for WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) button but no need to press it now.
  • Ensure that your printer placed nearer or within the range of the wifi router.
  • Now turn ON your printer device.
  • Now you need to press and hold the wireless button for five seconds or until the wireless light on the control panel starts blinking.
  • Next, within 2 minutes you are supposed to press and hold the WPS button on your wifi router for 3-5 seconds or until the connection process begins.
  • Once the connection between your printer and router is established. Then the blue wireless light from the control panel menu will stop blinking.

Note:- If your router device does not support the WPS button then you need to download the HP smart app. After download, open HP smart app then add your printer to the local wifi network. 

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