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How to Export Emails from Mulberry to Outlook? Effective Solution

In this article, we are going to discuss how to export emails from Mulberry to Outlook with attachments. Mulberry is an open-source email software, which was originally developed for the Mac OS. But there are the latest versions also which supports Windows and Linux Operating systems.

This email tool also offers multiple features such as message spelling check, contact import and export, and signature handling, and so on. Therefore, all these features are not enough in front of PST. And it comes with a powerful email organization and individual users to switch from Mulberry to Outlook to take advantage of its excess features.

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What is MS Outlook and Why is MS Outlook is Better than Mulberry?

Professional users and companies prefer to use MS Outlook for sending and receiving email messages. There is a desire to export Mulberry emails to Outlook arises for a variety of reasons, for both personal and business. The purpose of the post is meet to that needs.

There are several options for doing the conversion, however, we are recommended using an automated solution. This is because of the difficulties that come with the import Mulberry to Outlook PST such as:-

  • Both email clients use distinct file formats to store the data, and there is no way to convert it directly.
  • There is a misplacing of attachments possibility.
  • It takes time, and due which it shows poor technique selection, the converting might it become complicated.
  • Hence, the real mailbox folder structure may be harmed.

Note:- If you are a user of Windows 7, 8, 10 – So you get the mailbox on this location. Here, you can easily, extract the MBOX from this:-
Windows: C:\Users\(User Name)\ AppData\Roaming\Cyrusoft\Mulberry\Mailboxes\

Automated Method – How to Migrate Mulberry Emails to Outlook PST?

One of the best and reliable solutions to export emails from Mulberry to Outlook is MBOX to PST Converter Software. By using, this you can easily import emails as well as an attachment as a Mulberry account. This Mulberry to Outlook PST tool migrates your profile data in on goes in PST file format. So, let us know how this utility will import the files of Mulberry. Follow the working explained mentioned below in steps:-

Convert Mailbox from Mulberry to Outlook PST | Working Explained:

  1. Launch and install the software in the Windows OS system.
  2. After installing the tool click the Open Button and choose the emails data files option.
  3. Thereafter, select the MBOX files option and Choose folder/files of mulberry account.
  4. Now, MBOX files are chosen after previewing the emails in different modes like the hex view, content header, etc.
  5. Click the export button and choose the PST files from the saving option.
  6. Lastly, click the save button to start the exporting process.
  7. Messages exported successfully. Also, the Demo Edition exports only ten items from Each Folder. If you want the unlimited conversion of data files, then you can upgrade to a Licensed version.
    So, this is how we can convert multiple MBOX files to PST format with their email elements.

Features of Importing Mails from Mulberry to Outlook | Step-by-Step:

1. Load Automatically Mulberry Storage Location: The Mulberry to Outlook Converter will scan all the email files saved on the system and view them in a folder on the left pane of the application. This process is automatic and it initiates this task as you start the application on your Windows system.

2. Preview Email data Before Conversion: There can be several emails within your Mulberry that get to your account day by day. Before you convert the Mulberry mail to Outlook PST, there are eight view modes to analyze the information in the email file. You can view the emails in normal view, attachment view, Properties, and Message header view.

3. Software Provides Selective Email Export Option: There may be a requirement for only a few numbers of emails from Mulberry to PST format. To succeed in this task, this application has the option to select the emails for exporting to PST files. You need to set a date range to specify the conversion of specific emails within the date range.

4. Export Mulberry to Outlook PST with Email Header: While viewing the Message header of an email, there is an option to convert the message header along with the email to the PST format. This function is not direct and you have to enable the Include Internet Message Header option from the Advanced settings.

5. Bates Numbering and Date Stamping for PST File: Before the Mulberry, emails are converted to PST; there is a facility to add the Bates number to the PST file (s). You have to set a position to add the Bates number on the PST file. In addition, you can add the current date of Mulberry conversion to PST format. This also requires proper positioning on the PST file.

6. Set Page Margins for Resultant PST: There is a page layout setting for the resultant PST files. With this functionality, you have the provision to set the page margins accordingly. Also, there is an option to set the page orientation and page size for the effective printing of the email file in PST format.


It is an open-source email client, Mulberry is software the manage emails, contact, and, calendars. However, it does not hold ease to MS Outlook which far exceeds Mulberry in both email management and security performance. So, Mulberry users inquire about the methods by which they can shift to the Outlook platform. In this blog, we resolve one such efficient method that can easily and securely migrate Mulberry Emails to Outlook PST with utmost accuracy.

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