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The Exclusive eClinicalWorks Software You Must Know About

Electronic medical records are characterized by their capacity to store patient health information in an accessible and protected location. Hence, many things come to mind when looking for an EMR for your healthcare practice. However, the most significant factor is whether the software suits your practice specialty and exclusively fulfills your demands. Hence, it would help to look for an EHR that supports various specialties and has high usability. The perfect example of such a system is eClinicalWorks software.

eClinical EMR Explained

eClinicalWorks is an eCW medical solution featuring electronic health records and a practice management system integrating seamlessly together. It offers numerous functions that help you achieve practice growth in a short period. The software streamlines every aspect of medical practices, whether billing, patient management, or appointment scheduling.

Besides, eClinicalWorks has economical pricing bundles for its users. It gives you the autonomy to decide if your clinic needs only eClinical EMR, practice management, or both. For example, if you desire its EHR, the cost is $499, whereas the price of the practice management is $599. The best way to understand which software features you require is by viewing the eClinicalWorks demo.

Functions Served By eClinical Software

The extensive feature set of eClinicalWorks software ensures improved results, resulting in more exposure for your medical practice. Also, it helps increase the pool of patients that utilize your clinical services. The characteristics of the eClinicalWorks demo are as follows:

Kiosk for Patients Check-In

The Kiosk is a component of the eClinicalWorks program. It enables your patient to complete questionnaires and provide insurance details offsite. The EMR also automatically sends reminders to them for their scheduled patient visit. It is no longer necessary for you to do it on your own.

Obtaining this vital information is usually time-consuming for clinicians and patients alike. It can also have an impact on the number of patients who return. Hence, this issue is swiftly addressed using eClinical software. In addition, patients can use the Kiosk to provide digital signatures for pertinent documents and scan required documents such as insurance cards. So, the patient does not need to come to the clinic to submit his medical information.

Most importantly, Kiosk enables you to design personalized patient questionnaires which help you get valuable patient feedback. It plays an integral role in improving the outlook and reputation of your healthcare practice. Indeed, eClinicalWorks software makes all of this possible.

Messenger Tool For Communication With Patients

While practicing medicine, you are bound to encounter patients who tend to forget to go for their due checkups. eClinicalWorks lets you review these patients and then allows you to send them automated and personalized reminders. As a result, this function is critical in enhancing patient relationships and building their loyalty as they know you care.

Therefore, eCW eClinicalWorks recognizes patients with critical medical issues or those inclined to miss appointments. So, you can warn patients who are due for vaccines and ensure that no one misses them with a single click. In addition, the messenger tool monitors the impact of the reminders so that your clinic can continue to improve and adjust its strategy as needed.

Interconnectivity With A Patient Portal

eClinicalWorks includes a patient portal that allows patients to arrange appointments, review their prescriptions and request refills, and solve their health queries through this channel. Also, you can access up-to-date patient information whenever you want. Patients are also able to take advantage of this opportunity.

Another method that eClincial EMR uses to enhance your practice is providing tools to educate your patients about health maintenance. One such tool is the Healow app that allows patients to monitor their blood pressure, sleep quality, body mass index (BMI), and much more. Thus, this feature helps give them greater control of their health and makes it more likely for patients to recommend your medical practice to others.

Telehealth 24/7

Since the pandemic, distant quality treatment provided by health experts such as yourselves has been more vital than ever before. However, eClinical software has achieved that before corona hit the world. Indeed, Healow is one of the eClinicalWorks tools that make scheduling appointments online a breeze.

Besides, eClinicalWorks employs pre-existing hardware and software, making it simple to implement after the demo. It allows you to connect with patients who do not live in the town your practice resides, thus boosting your reach. The only requirement for you to enjoy the benefits of this modern technology is to have a stable internet network.

Solution for Managing Patient Relationships

eClinicalWorks software pays a lot of attention to patient engagement. Thus, it allows you to provide consultations tailored to each patient’s different needs. Whether you want to use instructive videos or infographics to relay crucial health information to patients is up to you. By using this personalized approach to dealing with patients, your practice will stand out from the competition.

User Review of eClinicalWorks

Amongst the software reviews, you will find many users complimenting the EMR vendor for designing a user-friendly system. Moreover, scheduling the eClinicalWorks demo and integrating the software afterward into your daily operations is smooth and not burdensome. Ultimately, the users think that eClincialWorks offers comprehensive services with cost-effective pricing.

The only software element that causes slight inconvenience to the users is that it automatically logs you out after a certain period of inactivity. However, they also realize that it is necessary to ensure their data protection. A few bugs were also reported, but the eClinicalWorks technical support efficiently handled them and resolved the problem.

Our Expert Opinion

eClinicalWorks software encompasses all essential features that can make your medical practice generate increased revenue and assure satisfied patients. The Electronic Health Records team is ready to assist you in delivering superior patient care no matter the size of your clinic. We suggest you install this software in your practice with easy-to-use tools and performance boosters supplied by the eClinicalWorks demo. Once you do so, you will see how the pricing is entirely worth the benefits eClinicalWorks offers you.

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