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Things to Consider before you hire voice artists for E-learning Projects

E-learning has taken quite a grip and has become the most utilized way of imparting knowledge and education in past few years.  It is an Audio-Visual way of rendering knowledge and training unrestricted by the impediments of time and location. As almost all other aspects of our lives have moved online, the learning and teaching world is doing the same. It has facilitated many people around the globe in learning new things and acquiring new skills at their choice of time and has helped them in building a better life using that knowledge and skill. Therefore, big corporate giants are investing in the creation, hire voice artists, and utilization of E-learning modules.

Seeming pretty simple like just click and watch, it takes quite an effort in creating an E-learning module including researching & creating the script in the target language, avoiding many snares of production, etc. Once past that if not the most then one of the most crucial decisions, the voice for the E-learning project that is selecting the voice-over actors for the project. If you are into creating E-learning modules or want to create one, it is a must-read for you.

E-learning voice-overs set high benchmarks for the voice actors. The E-learning voice-over artists must sound knowledgeable even though they don’t know much about the subject matter. They must stay in the character & narrate and motivate listeners and keep them engaged for a longer period of time. They need to have perfect diction and should be able to alter the vibes according to the script only with their voices. Also, voice-overs make the E-learning modules accessible to people with special needs, represent your brand image and induce personality in the subject matter. So, it is quite demanding work and not something that anyone can pull off. So, how to pick a voice artist who can bring life to the dull subjects and make it gripping enough for the audience to tag along till the end? Follow these steps –

Who is your audience?

It depends a ton on this. Your E-learning voice-over artists must connect with your audience. The sense of familiarity, be it because of the accent, local terminologies & slang, or anything else. Depending on the target audience you must choose your voice artist. It might be possible that for different regions you need to hire different voice artists, but it is something that must be considered.

What’s the subject matter?

Know the area of expertise or previous experiences of your top voice-over candidates. Having even a little bit of knowledge about the subject matter and the understanding of jargon helps the artist to pace accordingly, put emphasis on correct and important terms, making the voice-over more effective.

Have they done it Before?

An experienced voice artist, especially experienced in E-learning, might be pricier than a newer one. Well, experienced E-learning voice-over artists have a comparatively better understanding of your expected outcomes and therefore they know how to drive things that way in a more efficient manner. However, if you have a newer voice artist who sounds promising, you can explore the option by recording a few short versions or promos like mini-project and see how it turns out and then decide.

What’s the range?

Normally, most voice-over artists can speak multiple accents naturally. However, you should always ask for their reels showcasing the accents and cautiously analyze the pacing, inflection, clarity, etc., to ensure the audibility in different tones and accents, and also that audience would clearly understand the narration.

The work Ethics to hire voice artists

Since, the voice artists are not a part of the team building this whole stage, their professionalism and work ethics matter a lot. Meaning the voice artists do not participate in the research, scripting, and other processes but still their involvements with the project are decisive in its success. You should check for how much time and effort the voice artist is putting in as their dedication has a direct impact on the quality of voice-over recordings of your E-learning project.

Are you a Team player?

This is the question you must ask your voice artist. As recording E-learning modules consumes time, the dynamic of the voice artist with your E-learning and graphics team is decisive for the quality of the output. A well-synched connection and a great team dynamic with the voice artist enhance the quality of the module.

Asked for Revision time?

It is quite normal even for the most expert and experienced voice artists to mispronounce a word or have glitched or distorted audio. So, always ask for the revision time from your voice artists. It’s a professional and a must not forget thing while recording an E-learning module.

Voice-overs in E-learning modules boost the effectiveness and the quality of the whole project. All you need is just the right professional voice-over artist. Interestingly, now you can find the best E-learning voice-over recording artists online and in a hassle-free manner with Voyzapp. With the best quality recordings, quick TATs, thousands of artists, and much more, Voyzapp offers you with most budget-friendly voice-over services.

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