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Tips for House Cleaning In Winter

Everyone is aware of the advantages of spring cleaning, right? But did you know there are several things you should do every winter? You and your professional house cleaning staff can complete these duties working together. This guarantees that specific components of your home operate efficiently, saving you money on energy expenditures. Furthermore, they are ideal pastimes for when you are snowed in or hunkered down to stay warm. Here are some expert cleaning recommendations for the winter season.

Maintain Your HVAC System

Replace your air filters every winter season and consider professionally cleaning your air ducts and vents. The EPA recommends replacing filters at least every three months. We recommend doing it more frequently during months when you use your HVAC a lot, such as summer and winter. It keeps the quality of air clean and provides consistent airflow. Furthermore, updating your air filters can help reduce wear and tear on your furniture and carpets. Cleaning your ducts and vents removes unwanted build-up, restoring appropriate air movement. It also removes allergens that can become trapped in your home and create problems all year.

Clear the Space Behind the Fridge

Remove your refrigerator from the wall at least once a year. Not only should the walls and floors be cleaned, but so should the refrigerator coils. Dirty coils reduce energy efficiency and might raise your monthly energy expenditures by $5 to $10. While this may appear to be little, it adds up. Furthermore, filthy coils can cause harm and diminish the appliance’s overall lifespan over time. To ensure your safety, ALWAYS disconnect your refrigerator before cleaning or performing any maintenance. You may also require to rebalance the unit after relocating it. Not sure how to go about it? Read the user manual provided by your manufacturer. This is also a perfect opportunity to remove everything from the refrigerator and thoroughly clean the interior.

Clean the Vents in the Dryer

You’d be surprised at how much lint we pull for hosing and the rear of dryers. It’s one of the “out of sight, out of mind” activities that most homeowners overlook. But did you know that excessive lint buildup not only reduces the efficiency of your dryer but it is also a fire hazard? While removing the lint filter regularly is critical, you should consider cleaning the venting system once a year.

Clean the Kitchen Thoroughly

It’s a fantastic opportunity to organize and dust out drawers and cabinets while you’re doing your winter cleaning. It’s also great for organizing and cleaning your pantry. Remove any outdated goods or damaged Tupperware with missing lids. Remove the grime from the backsplashes and hood vents. Because you don’t usually open windows in the winter, cleaning these items may help decrease strong cooking scents. All of these are excellent annual services for your expert cleaners.

Carpet and furniture steam cleaning

Winter weather is chilly, snowy, and muddy. While it may seem counterintuitive to use steam cleaning in the winter, we urge you not to let the stains settle. When they are addressed correctly, they are considerably easier to clean up. For extremely filthy furniture or high traffic areas, consider expert steam cleaning.

Clean the Windows

Are you not doing the windows? That’s fine; professionals enjoy it! Cleaning your windows brightens the room, an essential factor in combating the winter blues. Winter is also an excellent time to wash all window treatments that harbor allergies and dust.

Sweep the Chimney

It is critical to keep your chimney in good working order. It not only decreases the risk of chimney fires but also ensures that the air in your home is clean. Professional cleaning services are your best bet for safe cleaning with minimal influence on the cleanliness of the rest of the house.

  Degrease and clean the oven

During the colder months, your oven is likely to get a lot of use. With holiday cooking and baking and preparing comfort meals for chilly days, it may quickly become a sticky situation. Cleaning your oven helps to prevent smoking and fires, as well as decreases strong food odors.

Engage the Experts

While some individuals enjoy the cold weather and look forward to following these pro recommendations for winter cleaning, many of us do not have the time. Make contact with Dec Master Cleaning – the provider of the best Cleaning Services In Massachusetts. They can take care of all of your thorough cleaning needs. Have a happy, healthy, and tidy house during winter. Allow the best provider of Cleaning Services In Massachusetts to do the job so you can focus on your family and have time to do the things you enjoy. They can also assist you with the Commercial Cleaning Services In Massachusetts. You’ve earned it! Make an appointment right away.

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