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Tips to personalize your school accessories

It’s time to get back to school! Many of you kids don’t want to hear this from parents. Kids don’t want to get back to school after all the time they have spent at home now. As a parent, it’s really challenging for you to motivate the kid to get back to school. But there is one way your kid would love or even be curious to return back to school.The brand new stationery box filled with fresh sharpies, Pencil Sharpener and Glitter, is all you need to gear up your kid for school. Never think of using the handed-down school supplies; your kid will surely recognize it.Check out the outlandish labels at price slash by availing Mabels Labels coupon code.

And if your kid is still not happy to go to school, it’s time to put on some creativity and inventiveness. The simple pencil looks humdrum! It needs some creative twist. Wondering how to do it! Go through the article and discover the exciting tips to personalize school supplies.


Every child carries a water bottle and lunch box to school. Surely your kid does too. The most fun time in school is to have lunch. Make your child feel excited about school by decorating their water bottle and lunch box with labels.

You can personalize your kid’s school accessories with their names, animals, class, or favourite items with various label sizes and colours. Surely your child cannot wait to show the amazing work to his school buddies. Additionally, if your kid lost the accessories at school, the labels can help find them back.


A simple pencil is boring to use. However, if it had some creativity, it could never be more fun than that. You can personalize the pencil with a handmade pinwheel at the top of it. So whenever your kid writes something, the pinwheel moves. Things cannot get more interesting than that.

First, take a piece of paper and draw what you are best at with the help of a pencil, crayon or paint. For example, you can colour a piece of paper or rainbow or draw the image of a pet at your home. Then fold the paper into a pinwheel for your pencil. The kids can enjoy playing with the pinwheel in their leisure time.

Paint Pens

Most kids misplace their belongings at school. And if your kid does that too, you might get irritate by it. But actually, now you don’t need to worry! A pencil case is probably the most lost item in school. And if you want your kid to never lose it again, you can customize it with Paint Pens. Pick the brush and draw what your kid is fond of. Whether it’s an animal or a place.

By decorating the pencil case, you are not only decorating it but helping your kid to never misplace it again. Also, to make it more recognizable and eye-catching, you can write your kid’s name in some fun style.

Fabric Covered Notebooks

Your kid would never like to open an unappealing notebook. But if it is personalized with creative stuff, the kid will be hung up with it. Imagine taking out a journal or notebook from the bag adorned with soft mushy fabrics. This kind of decorating needs a bit of hard work and imagination, but it is totally worth it.

Create a squishy feeling by fabric covered notebook. Take a piece of fabric cut it into different patterns and shapes. You can even decorate it with different ideas. In last, glued the fabric on the notebook’s top cover or for keeping it permanent use sewing machine.


Personalizing school accessories helps kids to remember belongings. Also, the kid that brings decorative things to school pays more attention in studies. So if you want your kid to do number one at school, don’t forget to customize schools supplies with creative ideas.

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