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Upgrade to Shopify Plus for Your Business Growth

E-commerce is booming and platforms are equipping themselves to help both customers and business owners build their e-commerce stores. A professional e-commerce platform like Shopify can help sellers run their stores more efficiently.

If you need more than what the Shopify pricing can offer, such as the ability to mass-produce during peak times, unlimited user accounts, multiple store options, and a fully customizable customer experience, an upgrade to Shopify Plus is what you need It’s exactly what you need.

However, Shopify Plus is a significant investment, so it’s important to know when the upgrade is right for you.

All about Shopify plus

Shopify Plus is Shopify’s highest-rated plan and offers the most comprehensive features. Shopify Plus users can have a complete Omni-channel shopping experience.

The update also offers powerful international scalability, ideal for businesses looking to grow and scale across countries. Numerous features have been added to enhance the user experience (UX), including seamless integration between online and physical stores.

When is it time to upgrade?

If your eCommerce business is growing rapidly or you have a high volume of sales and want more automation, Shopify Plus may be the right solution for you. However, there are a few things to consider when upgrading.

Shopify Plus Pricing

Price is a big factor in any business decision, and in the case of Shopify Plus, this can be a barrier to upgrading to a new version. As a platform, Shopify offers a range of plans from $9 to $299 (plus transaction fees).

Entry into Shopify Plus costs at least $2,000 USD, and once an e-commerce store’s annual revenue exceeds $800,000 USD, Shopify Plus becomes revenue dependent and charges 0.25% of monthly revenue. Maintenance fees, application fees, and credit card transaction fees may also apply.

Of course, Shopify Plus is only relevant for eCommerce stores that already have a high annual turnover, otherwise, the price is not worth the extra features. Ideally, e-commerce stores should have an annual turnover of at least 1 million US dollars.

Advantages of Shopify plus

Despite the high price tag, Shopify Plus comes with all the features that will help you scale and grow your e-commerce store to the enterprise level.

Here are some of the benefits of Shopify Plus

  • Multi-channel marketing capabilities
  • A multi-currency international storefront managed by a single backend.
  • Multi-device and multi-platform functionality, including third-party apps, desktop, and mobile devices.
  • Detailed customer and transaction analysis
  • Automated workflows
  • Headless commerce
  • The fully customizable checkout process
  • Script editor for custom code execution
  • Multi-channel in-market sales
  • 24/7 support
  • Manage and customize your pricing, promotions, product launches, and customer interactions.

In addition, Shopify Plus helps business owners with a range of training and support features, including Shopify Plus experts who provide end-to-end support. There’s also the Shopify Plus Academy, a collection of training resources, including videos and workshops, that owners can access at any time.

To help you scale, Shopify Plus has amazing features that help owners overcome geographic boundaries and handle high traffic during peak times, like Black Friday and Christmas.

How to migrate to Shopify Plus

Transitioning from a familiar e-commerce platform can be daunting. For some platforms, the transition can take up to a year or more, which can result in lost time, lost revenue, and lost momentum.

This is another area where Shopify Plus excels. The platform allows you to complete a full migration in 90 days (or even less in some cases) and it’s free. Shopify covers migration services, meaning that installation, testing, and hosting are handled by our startup engineers.

In addition, Shopify offers security and hosting features, security patches and updates, and other useful tasks. Store-level adaptations and modifications can be done by the store owner himself, so no outsourcing is required. Try also: E-Commerce web development solutions

All data is transmitted to Shopify Plus, including inventory and product information, sales and order processing data. The platform allows you to run internal analytics that help you in your work and growth.

Finally, you can integrate Google Analytics and other reporting tools into Shopify to track conversions, learn about customer behavior data, identify abandoned carts and optimize your checkout process.

Are you ready for an upgrade?

Shopify Plus is a platform with features for businesses. E-commerce businesses that want to expand internationally, expand their wholesale opportunities, and scale their business will find a lot of enjoyment in using Shopify Plus.

However, prices for Shopify Plus start from $2,000 per month. With its many features and integrations, it is cost-effective for large businesses. But recommended having at least $1 million in annual sales to invest your money.

Therefore, if you are already looking for an enterprise solution or planning to expand in the coming months, upgrading to Shopify Plus will provide you with many additional features, options, and possibilities.

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