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What Should a Bridesmaid Do For The Bride?

It’s both a privilege and a huge duty to be a bridesmaid! Whether you’re planning to be a Bridesmaid or a Bride searching for all the most acceptable ways to help your girl’s look and feel as confident as possible on the big day, there are so many things to look for. Here are all the Bridesmaid must-haves for a beautiful wedding day, from exquisite Bridesmaid dresses and accessories to the right hair and makeup to cap off the look.

A bit into the History of bridesmaids

Bridesmaids have a long history that spans cultures, faiths, and periods. Bridesmaids formed a kind of bridal battalion in early Roman times. They marched together as a unit to take the bride to the groom’s village. If any vengeful suitors tried to steal her dowry, this ‘protection shield’ of similarly attired bridesmaids was meant to interfere.

On the other hand, the Western bridesmaid tradition appears to have come from later Roman legislation. This legislation demanded ten witnesses at a wedding to ward off evil spirits that were thought to visit weddings. The bridesmaids and ushers would dress in the same attire as the bride and groom, so the evil spirits wouldn’t know who was who.

Even in nineteenth-century England, there was a belief that ill-wishers could cast curses and contaminate marriages. Picking out the bride and groom in Victorian wedding images, for example, can require a lot of inspection!

Bridesmaids Duties

All bridesmaids and pageboys should get dressed where the bride is getting ready. It prevents the bridal gowns from creasing and allows everyone to make any last-minute alterations.. Some major checklists are as follows.

Duties Before the Wedding

  • Plan the bridal shower party – See here for detailed information about hosting bridal shower
  • Wherever possible, make yourself available for bridal gown shopping and fittings.

Make yourself available for fittings and shopping for bridesmaid dresses; do some research to discover acceptable apparel.

  • Pay attention to any wedding-planning concerns and offer encouragement and enthusiasm.
  • Make every pre-wedding occasion an excuse to eat cake and drink cocktails.
  • For the bride and her bridesmaids, create a WhatsApp group 
  • Regularly check in with the couple and offer any practical assistance you can.
  • If necessary, visit the wedding location to assist with layout and decor options.
  • Assist with any DIY wedding sessions

Bridesmaid Responsibilities During the Wedding Week

  • Any rehearsals, meals, or beauty appointments should be attended.
  • Assistance with transportation, last-minute errands, and wedding preparations
  • Prepare an emergency kit for the day. You need to have this bridal makeup products name list for the bride.
  • Prepare a wedding morning playlist and stock up on bubbly – here’s one we put together earlier!
  • Assist in the reduction of any pre-wedding anxiety or stress.
  • For the day, compile a list of suppliers and their contact information.
  • Please obtain a copy of the wedding timeline and become acquainted with it.
  • Make sure you have all the necessary shoes, accessories, and underwear.
  • Assist the bride with her packing.

Responsibilities for Special Day

If you’re the lead bridesmaid (or Maid of Honor if you’re married), the bride values your contribution on the big day. You must keep a calm demeanour and be as organized as possible throughout the day.

You’ll need to make sure that everyone is where they should be when they should be on the morning of the wedding.

Other morning responsibilities include:

  • Arrived at the bride’s house early enough for the hairstylist and make-up artist.
  • Being available to assist with the dressing of younger guests
  • Taking care of the bride’s handbag. For touch-ups throughout the day, keep tissues, blotting paper, and lipgloss/lipstick on hand.

How to Get to the Ceremony

The maid of honour, bridesmaids, and other attendants will most likely accompany the bride’s mother to the ceremony location.

  • If she requires assistance, assist her in getting into and out of cars or downstairs.
  • Throughout the day, such as at the head of the aisle or when sitting for photos, adjust her gown and veil.
  • For the ceremony, take her bouquet.
  • Make arrangements for cans or a ‘Just Married’ sign to be placed on the wedding car’s back.
  • Assist in gathering family members for pictures.
  • Encourage guests to sign the guestbook or take a snapshot in the photo booth.
  • Start the night off right by being the first on the dance floor and encouraging others to join you!
  • In the honeymoon suite, arrange for candles, rose petals, and bubbly.

Final Words

Bridesmaids have their own set of responsibilities. The bride will accompany you into the ceremony and usually sit towards the front, preparing for the exit procession. Make sure that small flower girls and page boys are placed near their parents.

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