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Why is Back To Wall Toilets becoming so popular in the UK?

Why is Back To Wall Toilets becoming so popular in the UK?

The back to wall toilets is among the popular choice for modern bathrooms in the UK. Although, the toilet is often ignored when it comes to bathroom makeovers. But most people don’t realize that a toilet can play a huge role in the overall comfort and aesthetics of the bathroom. It is the most used utility and therefore can have a huge impact on your ease of use and comfort. Many people are not aware that there are multiple types of toilets available in the market. So, they pick and choose as per their requirements. Among such choices, the BTW is the latest addition that has quickly become a top pick for contemporary bathrooms

In this article, we are going to explore this type of toilet to help you make the right choice.

Introduction to Back To Wall Toilets.

The back to wall toilets has the following features that make it distinctive from others.

  • The toilet bowl is separate from the rest of the parts. It directly sites on the floor and is only a visible part of it. 
  • The cistern usually remains hidden inside the wall. Or you may have a choice of concealing it inside the WC unit. 

What Makes Back To Wall Toilets So Popular?

Many reasons that make btw toilet a popular choice. 

Back To Wall ToiletsA Variety Of Design Choices.

The first and biggest reason for its popularity is that you have a wide variety of toilet pan designs available for you. Since the pan is separated and is available as an independent unit, you can choose any design per your preference. It means you can match them with any décor, whether traditional or modern Toilets UK. For example, if you are looking for a contemporary look then a toilet pan with curved lines can be your preference. In addition to that, a bathroom with less space can benefit from a short projection toilet pan.

The Modernity In Style. 

If you are looking for a contemporary style toilet then, you have a number of choices. But not all toilet types may be suitable for you. For example, a wall-hung toilet may only be suitable if you have a sturdy wall to fix the cistern. So, if you don’t have one, it is not a choice for you. BTW with WC unit may be a good alternative in such a case. 

Clean And Aesthetically Pleasing Look.

A cleaner or minimalist look is way better to create a good impression. Toilet if chosen carefully, can be a great way to add a clean and aesthetically pleasing look to the bathroom. BTW are such a type of toilet that can easily embark a minimalist look. Especially when connected to the wc unit in which the cistern remains hidden can help you with the overall look of the bathroom.

Back To Wall Toilets UKFew Common Questions About Back To Wall Toilets

Here are a few commonly asked questions about these toilets to help you decide whether it is a suitable choice for you or not. 

Are These Toilets Economical? When it comes to the cost, the price of the unit alone is not the main concern, but it should also include installation costs as well. So, keeping in mind its sophistication btw is not the most economical choice in comparison to the close-coupled toilet

Is Installation Easier? In comparison to close coupled toilets, the installation of BTW is not easy. The sophistication of installing the cistern inside the wall requires to have a professional installer. Similarly, its WC unit and plumbing is relatively complex issue. 

Are You looking for Back To Wall Toilets?

In this article, we have explored the reasons for the popularity of the Back To Wall Toilets. It is a great choice for the contemporary bathroom while providing you with ultimate aesthetics and functionality. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we have an extensive range of fittings and fixtures available at lower prices. 

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